Friday, 9 January, 2015

This morning I attended a protest rally about the Charlie Hebdo murders held at the European Parliament in Brussels, which was led by European Parliament President Martin Schulz. In torrential rain, myself and hundreds of other MEPs, officers and staff of the Parliament expressed our outrage at the murders.  We are steadfastly resolved to defend freedom of speech – our greatest freedom.

Wednesday, 26 November, 2014

British Conservative MEPs wear orange to show their support on 25th November for the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Andrew is kneeling at centre.

Friday, 19 September, 2014

Rejoice, Rejoice. Devo-Max? The Barnett formula? Knotty issues, but we will manage, we are British. That is right, we are British, the Union is saved, the United Kingdom remains united and the rebuilding begins.

Thursday, 18 September, 2014

As reported in the Derby Telegraph yesterday, so strongly do I feel about the Union and the preservation of the United Kingdom, that I missed a Brussels session of the European Parliament last week in order to campaign with Better Together volunteers for a “No” vote in today’s Referendum. I went to Melrose, St Boswells and Earlston in the Borders and just got my head down and delivered leaflets and did some canvassing.