Andrew Calls for Limit to EU Interference - including in Schools

East Midlands Euro MP Andrew Lewer MBE is speaking out in a bid to call a halt to the EU's attempts for further power and influence - including over our schools.

In a series of speeches, debates and articles he questions the EU's increasing desire to undermine the sovereignty of national governments and head towards a united states of Europe.

"Brussels needs to step aside and allow national governments to govern," said Andrew.

"We need fundamental reform of the EU which hands back power to member states and forces the EU to go back to its roots.

He added: "Most recently, I have been shocked at the contents of seemingly benign reports which bury plans for an expanded - more powerful - role for the EU."

As lead spokesman for the European Conservative Reformist (ECR) Group on Education and Culture, Andrew points to the latest example entitled: "Intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education in promoting EU fundamental values".

"While this report recognises the importance of countries working together in the fight against violent extremism, it also includes moves aimed at dictating what is taught in schools across the European Union.

"The spectacle of MEPs saying what textbooks should be like across Europe is just breathtaking. It must be stopped - that is precisely what the ECR Group is trying to do."

He went on: "I welcome opportunities for different member states to share best practice and learn from one another. But that is a long way away from what the EU is proposing. And that is just a foretaste of an even worse Report entitled "Learning EU in Schools" heading our way shortly!    

"As usual the EU's answer to everything is a bigger, more powerful role for the EU. That is not its purpose, nor should it be."